Pull Classes

  • FWD – Four Wheel Drive Trucks
  • HVY SST (Diesel) – Super Stock Diesel Tractors
  • HVY SST (Open) – Super Stock Tractors
  • LIGHT SST – Light Super Stock Tractors
  • MINI – Mini Modified Tractors
  • MOD – Modified Tractors
  • PRO – Pro Stock Tractors
  • SEMI – Super Semis
  • SFT – Super Farm Tractors
  • TWD – Two Wheel Drive Trucks
  • UNL – Unlimited Modified Tractors
  • LIGHT- Light Unlimited Tractors
  • PS Diesel 4×4 Trucks
  • Limited Pro Stock
  • Light Pro Stock

 FWD – Four Wheel Drive Trucks

Perhaps the closest in appearance to what the average pulling fan drives on the street, the Modified Four Wheel Drive trucks are also the only “naturally aspirated” division in NTPA competition and utilize both rear and front wheels to pull. With no turbo charger, or super charger to force air into the engine, a competitor in this division must rely on the engine itself to pump as much air as possible and that means that engine settings like the proper air/fuel ratio are more important than ever. Chassis setup, gearing, tire pressure, and the driver all must be perfect to win in this division.

SST (Diesel) – Super Stock Diesel Tractors
You might call the “Super Stock” an unlimited version of the “farm” appearing tractor classes. Although they may appear “stock” on the outside, but produce many times over their factory rated horsepower. As the name implies, diesel is the only fuel allowed in the Super Stock Diesel division. These IH and John Deere machines produce around 2,500 to 3,000 horsepower with their “stock engine” having up to four turbo chargers flowing the air mixture.

HVY SST (Open) – Super Stock Tractors
The “Super Stock Open” class generates more power than any NTPA “stock” division. From their tube frame component chassis to their highly modified engine, these aren’t your granddad’s John Deere, Case-IH, or various other brand models found in agriculture – hardly! These machine can create in excess of 5,000 horsepower weighing 8,000 lbs. In the “Open” division, most of the engines have been modified to run on methanol fuel, although rarely fans will see a diesel fueled Super Stock joining in the fray. Unlike all other forms of NTPA “Stock” classes, the alcohol tractors do not blow plumes of black smoke.

Light SST
The Light Super Stock class is a very colorful division in that many manufacturers are represented, such as Case-IH, John Deere, Agco Allis, Oliver, Massy Ferguson, Ford, and even Deutz. Unlike all the other NTPA Grand National divisions that are born and breed from the agricultural fields of America , the Light Super Stock division features machines that both utilize diesel and alcohol as fuel choices. Weighing in at 6,000 pounds, the wheel speeds and wild rides are sure to please the crowds !!!!

MINI – Mini Modified Tractors
The “Minis” are the undisputed kings in the motorsport world when it comes to “power to weight” ratio. An amazing one horsepower per pound combined with a wheelbase of less than 100″ also qualifies the “Minis” as the “wildest ride on four wheels”, although they aren’t using all four most of the time. At 2,000 lbs., the Minis are the lightest division in NTPA competition and are probably the toughest to drive. Keeping the tractor in a straight line heading down the track is the biggest challenge a driver in this division faces.

MOD – Modified Tractors
Whereas the “Unlimiteds” can use virtually any number and type of engines, the “Modifieds” are limited in type and number of engines depending on the combination. Competing at a maximum weight of 7,500 lbs., many times you will see competitors in this division add a motor or two and compete in the Unlimited division. Although the Unlimiteds only compete on the NTPA Grand National Circuit, the Modifieds can be seen at NTPA Regional and State level with further limitations on allowed engine number and combination for those levels of competition.

PRO – Pro Stock Tractors
The “Pro Stock” division gets us a little closer to those tractors you see in the fields. This division by rule must maintain many of its “stock” components such as engine block, transmission housing, and final drive housing. Engine size is limited to 680 cubic inches, but injector pump and allowed, single turbocharger can be of any size. These tractors compete at 10,000 lbs., the heaviest of the tractor classes.

SEMI – Super Semis
Tractor Pulling is called the “Heaviest Motorsport on Earth” and the Super Semis are the heavyweights of tractor pulling. Weighing in at 20,000 lbs., these behemoths overshadow everything else on the pulling track and for that matter, anything else in motorsports. When they come thundering down the track, the heavier the load gets, the harder they pull. Sometimes you wonder if they’ll ever stop. The Super Semis are one of the most popular divisions of NTPA pulling.

SFT – Super Farm Tractors
Super Farm Tractors (SFT) are closest to “off the farm” workhorses as you will find in NTPA competition. Engine size is limited to 640 cubic inches, they must use the OEM manifold and heads for that brand engine and can only use one three inch turbo. Diesel fuel is still the only permitted fuel and tire sizes are also the same as Pro Stock Tractors. The fuel pump is limited to a “P” type pump and competitors must use the stock intake and exhaust manifold for that brand engine. The Super Farm class is extremely competitive and any competitor has a shot at winning.

TWD – Two Wheel Drive Trucks
These are the “Funny Cars” of tractor pulling – the “wheel standers”. You are as likely to see a Ford Thunderbird in this division as you are to see a T-bucket, you could see a Chevrolet S-10 or a Willy’s Jeep. Regardless of the vehicle bodies, they will all be powered by a big block V-8 with a super charger in most cases, but with a sprinkling of turbo-chargers. This division competes at a weight of 6,200 lbs.

LIGHT – Light Unlimited Tractors

6,000 lbs. no turbines

UNL – Unlimited Modified Tractors

One of the oldest divisions established in 1970, this division pits competitors utilizing all sorts of power combinations. “Unlimited” power is the game, where a fan can usually find machines with up to five and six supercharged, alcohol-fueled, racing engines, or three to four jet-turbine, helicopter engines, or even two or three V-12 Allison aircraft engines. These machines tip the scales at 7,900 lbs., and create force in the range of 9,000 to 12,000 horsepower. This division personifies “Hear the Power…Feel the Noise of NTPA!”

Limited Pro Stock Tractors

All rules from Pro Stock class plus 640 cid limit, no component chassis, engine heads must be OEM agricultural-type for brand (no billet), no overhead cams, no inner/after coolers, “p” pump 3000 or 7100 series only, maximum 2 valves per cylinder, turbo limit: 4.1 inlet smooth bore housing. 9500 pounds.

Light Pro Stock Tractors

All rules from Pro Stock class plus 540 cid limit, no component chassis, engine heads must be OEM agricultural-type for brand (no billet), no overhead cams, no inner/after coolers, “p” pump 3000 or 7100 series only (only one plunger per cylinder), turbo limited to a 4.5” outlet. 8500 pounds.